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This module needs at least Orchard 1.8!


The module consists of the following independent libraries (all in their own features): You can use these libraries as described on the above pages. Don't forget to add a reference to the Piedone.HelpfulLibraries project from your project. Also correctly list the feature of the used libraries as a dependency in your module's Module.txt.
Public APIs are always documented so please always read method comments.

The module is also available for DotNest sites.

Version History

  • v1.9 (17.07.2013):
    • Key Value Store for simple and efficient key-value pair storage
    • Moved Projector filters to Helpful Extensions
    • New extensions and utilities: HqlQueryExtensions, HqlExpressionFactoryExtensions and WebViewPageExtensions, UriHelper, MappingsManager
    • General code housekeeping and smaller improvements
  • v1.8 (22.11.2012):
    • JobManager and AtomicJobQueue
    • Making LockFile safer
    • MimeAssistant
    • Updating to VS 2012
  • v1.7.1 (16.10.2012): Adding grouping to dynamic pages
  • v1.7 (28.08.2012): Adding dynamic page handlers
  • v1.6.1 (24.07.2012):
    • Token support for ContainedByFilter
    • New IdsInFilter Projector filter
  • v1.6 (24.07.2012):
    • New extensions in Utilities
    • ContainedByFilter Projector filter
    • IdSerializer for simple serialization of collection of numerical ids
    • IsFatal() exception checks
  • v1.5 (18.03.2012):
    • Faster LockingCacheManager with no locking when reading cache entry
    • Utilities with freezable class implementation
  • v1.4 (02.03.2012):
    • Locking files and LockingCacheManager
  • v1.3 (06.02.2012):
    • Contents Libraries
  • v1.2 (27.01.2012):
    • Base64 serialization
    • Bugfixes
  • v1.1 (04.01.2012):
    • JSON serialization
    • Lazy dependency resolver
    • Orchard 1.4 proof
  • v1.0 (14.12.2011): First public release with PEE, Serialization, Service Validation and Tasks Libraries (successor of Service Validation Libraries)

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