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Serialization Libraries

These deal with simple serialization tasks.


Just take a dependency on ISimpleSerializer and use its methods:
  • XmlSerialize() and XmlDeserialize() for serialization to/from XML strings
  • JsonSerialize() and JsonDeserialize() for serialization to/from JSON strings
  • Base64Serialize() and Base64Deserialize() for serialization to/from Base64 strings

Note that since DataContractSerializer and DataContractJsonSerializer are used under the hood for XML and JSON serialization you should decorate the serializable classes with the appropriate attributes.


This class provides simple methods for serializing a collection of numerical ids (like the ones Orchard content items have).
var idsDefinition = IdSerializer.DeserializeIds(idsEnumerable);
var idsEnumerable = IdSerializer.SerializeIds(idsDefinition);

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